Wednesday, November 7, 2018


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The Not Forgotten Series Box Set includes:

Not Forgotten - Lilly's Story

At Second Sight

Zac's Guitar

And bonus content - The companion novella Red Door!

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Monday, July 9, 2018

New Release from Author Bonnie Taylor

The Wisdom of Coyotes
A Not Forgotten Novel

Jessie’s life will be forever changed when a mysterious boy from the reservation is transferred to her school. The attraction is instant and overwhelming when Jessie meets Jimmy. It’s something that’s never happened before and the once timid girl is driven to connect with him.

But Jimmy Blackfeather is not what he seems….
Dropped by a lone coyote on the side of the road, the baby’s origins are a mystery to the tribe, but they take him in and raise him as one of their own.

Intelligent, empathic, and sensitive, Jimmy grows in to a stunning young man with gifts that even he can’t explain. He wants to be normal, but normal is not written in the stars for him.

When another coy stranger appears, death and danger soon follow. It seems that Shiye is toying with Jimmy and using those close to him to flush him out but to what end?

Join Jessie and Jimmy in this magical tale of danger and desire that leads to Jimmy’s true identity. Sometimes the truth is more than we can handle. Will the truth destroy them?

Find it on Amazon for just $2.99

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Market your books and grow your audience on Youtube

No, I'm not joking!

As an author myself, I understand that most of us are shy, introverted, and perhaps a bit reclusive so the idea of making videos can be terrifying. In addition, I, personally am not happy with how I look on video and am not entirely in love with the sound of my voice. 

The fact remains, video and especially Youtube offers us, as authors, billions of potential readers who are searching for videos every day! 

The video book trailer is almost a must now and can be easily created for free using software that already exists on your computer. Windows Movie Maker, for example, allows you to create a video that includes stills, motion, narration, music, and text. 

Short is good! Video viewers are "drive by" viewers. They don't want to stay and gawk. You need to catch their attention with a good teaser and give them a call to action. One minute or less is ideal. If you must have more, a minute and a half should be your maximum video length.

What do you want your viewer to do after watching your trailer? Visit your website? Buy your book via your Amazon link? Subscribe to your Youtube Channel or newsletter? You decide and make the call to action part of the video. (The end..obviously)

What else can you do with your Youtube Channel?

Announce book signings, events and appearances

Read sample chapters of your book

Show off your new book covers

Announce your preorder or book launch

Go visit a location that is important to your book

Introduce a character or characters

Take about your writing process, ask for title or content suggestions, and document your journey through short vlogs

Make your own podcast. Interview another author, cover artist, or editor

Introduce readers to the music that inspires your writing

The possibilities are endless but the idea is to allow readers to get to know you and your work on a more intimate level. 

Now, get out there and start experimenting with video! 

Just imagine...if one of your videos goes viral, you could be a best selling author, get a movie deal for your book, or find your calling as the next reality star!